Included Tech Support

Included with REGIS Online is free training from our team of specialists in house. Give us a call at 480.491.1112 to ask them any questions regarding your mapping and demographic work.

Run unlimited demographic reports with REGIS Online
Call for free training on REGIS Online Call for free training on REGIS Online Call for free training on REGIS Online

Online Training Videos

Take a quick minute to learn or refresh your memory on core tools and features of REGIS Online with our online training videos.

  • Overview
  • Folders
  • Layer Control
  • Merchants
  • Void Analysis
  • Running Reports
  • Market Optimization
  • Quick Information
  • Pinning

Overview of REGIS Online

Get familiar with REGIS Online's interface and how things work in this general overview.

Using Folders

Learn how to organize, search and tag your files created in REGIS Online and Sandbox.

Using Layer Control

Learn how to add layers to your map, style them and browse your data with REGIS Online's layer control.

Adding Merchants

See the best ways to add, edit and style merchant locations on your mapping projets.

Running Void Analysis

Learn how to determine which retailers are not in your market with a Void Analysis Report.

Running Reports

See how to run a professional demographic report with data from your trade area or custom polygons.

Using Market Optimization

Learn the best practices for studying markets by multiple demograhics with Market Optimization.

Using Quick Information

Learn how to use Quick Information to see the data you care about most in a moment.

Pinning Favorites

See how to pin your favorite merchant query or demographic shading as a tile to your dashboard.

Webinar Training

Learn how to use REGIS Online from the best. For thirty minutes learn the about REGIS Online with a Q & A afterwards. Call us or email our support team to save your seat!

Run unlimited demographic reports with REGIS Online
Sign in for our included webinar training sessions Sign in for our included webinar training sessions Sign in for our included webinar training sessions
Learn how to use merchants and void analysis reports

Merchants and Void Analysis

August 9

Cover both the basics and advanced techniques of using merchants and running void analysis reports in REGIS Online.

Learn how to create custom layouts with Sandbox


August 16

Learn how to create templates and use the tools in Sandbox to customize your mapping projects.

Learn how to organize your Site Library and design your Site Details in REGIS Online

Site Library and Site Details

August 23

Build and organize your Site Library with attached documents and demographic reports. Design your own Site Details layout with your marketing style.

Learn how to use layer control in REGIS Online

Layer Control

August 30

Learn how to import layers into REGIS Online with our team of mapping specialists. Also cover styling and browsing your data in REGIS Online.

Learn how to study markets the best with Market Optimization

Market Optimization and More

September 6

Learn the best ways to study unknown markets and find the best spots with a Market Optimization analysis and see other minor features in action.