REGIS Online training classes REGIS Online training classes

Webinar Training Classes

Each Wednesday | 11 PDT | 2 EDT

Learn how to use REGIS Online from the best! We cover basic tools and features available in REGIS Online each week. Join us each Wednesday at 2 EDT for our thirty minute classes!

Call or email our support team to reserve your seat.

REGIS Online training is each Wednesday

Wednesday at 2 EDT

REGIS Online training lasts 30 minutes

30 Minute Classes

REGIS Online training is led by professional mappers

Trained By Pros

REGIS Online training classes have question and answer sessions at the end

Question and Answer

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Learn how to use merchants and void analysis reports

Merchants, Void Analysis and Retail Fusion

January 2

See how easy it is to show merchants in your market, run Void Analysis reports and find connections between retailers in REGIS Online.

Learn how to create custom layouts with Sandbox

Sandbox Overview

January 9

Learn how to create custom layouts by using shapes, text and images to match your marketing material.

Learn how to use templates in Sandbox

Sandbox Templates

January 16

Learn how to create templates in Sandbox. Templates will update based on the site you visit, allowing you to update brochures much faster.

Learn how to use layer control in REGIS Online

Layer Control

January 23

Learn how to import layers into REGIS Online with our team of mapping specialists. Also cover styling and browsing your data in REGIS Online.

Learn how to study markets the best with Market Optimization

Market Optimization and More

January 30

Learn the best ways to study unknown markets and find the best spots with a Market Optimization analysis and see other minor features in action.